Saturday, September 13, 2008

Lo`i Kalo

My project is on Lo`i Kalo. I choose this project because I want to learn the Hawaiian Culture. Some of the topics i am focusing on are History, Techniques, Harvesting, and Sustainability. Some of the History on Kalo is that Kalo was the primary food of Hawaii at one point in time. There are three different Techniques i have found, they are Raised beds, Lo`i Kalo, and Dry Land. I have nit yet found any thing on harvesting. Sustainability is the main idea for this project, because what if food stops coming form the mainland? What would we have to grow? I want to learn how to grow things so that if food does stop coming i will be able to support my family.

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~Makanani Girl~ said...

cool project lauren...u bettah post da pictures i took of wen u came wit us to waipau...i took AWESOME pictures!!